Quantico/Triangle, VA Real Estate

It is reported that Captain John Smith first visited the communities of Quantico and Triangle early in the 17th century. It was here that the famous explorer was said to have encountered the Doeg tribe. Later, the area would lend its resources to the booming trade and transport businesses established in the new colonies. Like Dumfries to the north, Quantico and Triangle were the sites of gristmills and warehouses for goods shipped abroad.

Today Quantico and Triangle are known for their proximity to the Quantico Marine Base. The community of Quantico is completely bound by the base. Triangle is bound on the north and west by Dumfries, and on the south by the marine base.

Quality of Life:

Life in Quantico and Triangle is an undisturbed experience. Daily affairs are centered around the Quantico Marine base. Eligible patrons have access to a wide array of amenities offered through the military. The Medal of Honor Golf Course is open to all.

Getting Around:

I-95 is the main road that serves the communities of Quantico and Triangle. Residents also have access to Amtrak rail services as well. Route 1 runs north to Alexandria. 


Ronald Reagan National Airport:  < 35 miles.
Washington Dulles International Airport:  < 30 miles.
Baltimore Washington International Airport:  < 60 miles. 



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