Clarendon, VA Real Estate

Clarendon is located between the Virginia Square and Courthouse metro stations. It is bound by Wilson Boulevard and Clarendon Boulevard. Clarendon represents a considerable evolutionary process, from a quiet colonial forest to a bustling urban center. From the mid 1700s through most of the 1800s, the land of Clarendon was a means to meet agrarian ends. The list of past Clarendon landowners includes some important names from American History, including George Mason.

Like other parts of Arlington, Clarendon played a small but important role in the American Civil War. It was in Clarendon that bands of Union troops settled in to buffer the Federal City from Confederate attack.

Clarendon experienced considerable development at the turn of the 20th century. With the advent of electric rail, communities like Clarendon flourished. In 1937, the main Arlington Post Office was established in Clarendon, unifying Arlington and solidifying Clarendon’s role as a focal point in county affairs.

Quality of Life:

Clarendon is a diverse community that is characterized by a distinct local flair. Clarendon real estate accommodates a wide range of housing options, from apartments and condominiums to old Sears homes, cozy craftsmen houses and bungalows.

Clarendon features an array of specialty shops and restaurants. A strong local business community competes next to bigger retailers. Nearby Ballston Mall has a movie theater and other shopping and dining options. A strong sense of community is shared by Clarendon’s residents, and is made evident in the events centered around the Clarendon Metro Station. From Clarendon Day to the weekly farmers market, there is a wealth of opportunities to be had in Clarendon.

Getting Around:

Clarendon is a transit-oriented community: bike lanes for two-wheeled commuters; a conveniently located metro station, and main arteries that will bring quickly bring drivers into the District, the G.W. Parkway and I-66. Easy bike ride to Virginia Square, Courthouse, Rosslyn or Georgetown. 


Ronald Reagan National Airport:  < 5 miles.
Washington Dulles International Airport:  < 25 miles.
Baltimore Washington International Airport:  < 40 miles. 



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